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Are you planning a Web Site , Multimedia Presentation or something else that requires crystal clear pictures taken with absolute perfection? Well, then we can help you with our expertise and experience with Digital Photography.

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What Are The Advantages Of Digital Photography?


  • Digital cameras don't require film. This means you don't have to pay or wait for film development. This can easily reduce the cost of your photographs, also you don't have to wait hours or days before seeing your photographs.

  • Digital photos never deteriorate. Digital photos are stored as long strings of numbers internally, and not as light and dark spots on a negative. As a result, they don't wear out over time (just as your Social Security number or telephone number doesn't wear out!). If you print a digital photo, the print might eventually deteriorate, like any conventional photo print; but since digital photos themselves do not age, you can always reprint the image if the old one fades, and it will look exactly like the original.

  • You can make unlimited, perfect copies of digital photos. Again, since digital photos are stored internally as numbers, and not as light and dark areas on film, you can make perfect copies of a digital photo--all you have to do is copy the numbers (all of which is done automatically by your camera and computer, of course).

  • Digital photos are easy to retouch. Photo shops with appropriate equipment also let you modify digital photos you can then keep and/or print the modified versions. Conventional photos usually have to be printed and then carefully scanned into digital form before they can be retouched, but digital photos are in that form already, so retouching is a cinch. You can even make greeting cards or albums containing your digital photos.

  • Digital photography is friendly to the environment. Since there is no waste of paper, plastic, or noxious chemicals (unlike film photography, which requires all of these, especially the last), you can take as many pictures as you want without polluting your environment.

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