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Amplifying Online Presence for TPS Thayer, a Texas CPA Firm

TPS Thayer is a reputable full-service CPA firm based in Texas, offering comprehensive financial services to businesses and individuals. Specializing in audit, tax, advisory, and valuation matters, TPS Thayer goes beyond numbers to provide expert counsel and hands-on personal service, ensuring the financial well-being of their clients.

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Despite offering top-notch financial services, TPS Thayer faced challenges in maximizing its online visibility and reaching potential clients in a competitive market. With the increasing importance of digital presence in attracting clients, TPS Thayer recognized the need to enhance its online visibility and attract more qualified leads through strategic SEO efforts.

SEO Objectives

The Solution:

Keyword Research and Analysis:

Vertex Web Solution conducted extensive keyword research to identify relevant search terms and phrases related to CPA services, audits, tax consultations, and financial advisory. By analyzing search volume, competition, and user intent, they selected strategic keywords to target in the SEO campaign.

On-Page Optimization:

Leveraging their expertise in on-page SEO techniques, Vertex Web Solution optimized TPS Thayer's website structure, meta tags, and content to align with the selected keywords. This included optimizing titles, headings, meta descriptions, and service descriptions to improve search engine visibility and user experience.

Content Creation and Enhancement:

Recognizing the importance of informative and engaging content, Vertex Web Solution collaborated with TPS Thayer to create compelling content tailored to the needs and interests of its target audience. This content included blog posts, articles, and resources addressing various financial topics, providing valuable insights and solutions to potential clients.

Local SEO Optimization:

Given TPS Thayer's Texas-based presence, Vertex Web Solution optimized the firm's Google My Business profile and local directory listings to improve local search visibility. This included ensuring consistent business information across all online platforms and encouraging positive reviews from satisfied clients to enhance credibility and trustworthiness.


Through the implementation of a targeted SEO campaign by Vertex Web Solution, TPS Thayer achieved significant improvements in online visibility and website traffic:

Increased Impressions:

The website's visibility in search engine results improved significantly, resulting in 111,000 impressions over the course of a year, exposing TPS Thayer to a broader audience actively seeking financial services.

Boost in Clicks:

TPS Thayer's website experienced a notable increase in organic clicks, with 4,620 users clicking through to explore the services offered by the firm and inquire about financial consultations.

Enhanced Online Presence:

The improved search engine visibility and increased website traffic helped elevate TPS Thayer's online presence, positioning it as a trusted authority in financial services in the Texas region.

Business Growth Opportunities:

The surge in website traffic and user engagement provided TPS Thayer with new opportunities to attract potential clients, generate leads, and establish long-term relationships, ultimately driving business growth and success.

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